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Describe any person, place, or concept. This is the most common type in Freebase and is used to describe an is a relationship between topics (eg. San Francisco undefined city)

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This domain doesn't have any Types.

Martial Art /martial_arts/martial_art 3 372

Martial arts, or fighting arts, are specific systems, traditions and practices of human combat. The objectives of martial arts are to defeat an opponent or to defend against physical attack or threat of attack. Examples include Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing and Wing Chun.

Martial Art Category /martial_arts/martial_art_category 1 13

Martial arts may be grouped into three broad categories: grappling, strikes and weapons. Grappling includes submissions holds, pinning and throwing. Strikes include punching, kicking and other hand and foot strikes specific to various techniques in, for example, Karate or Judo. Weapons may include specific versions of swords, sticks, bows and arrows, etc.

Martial Artist /martial_arts/martial_artist 4 6,323

A martial artist is one who practices one or more style of martial arts.

Martial Arts Organization /martial_arts/martial_arts_organization 2 48

A martial arts organization is a governing or non-governing organization created for the purpose regulating and/or promoting one or more forms of martial arts.

Martial Arts Qualification /martial_arts/martial_arts_qualification 1 32

This type can be used for any rank (such as belts) or other certification status, such as instructor qualification.

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What are Mediators? Mediators

Type ID # of Properties # of Instances Description
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Describe the relationship between two or more Types. For example, the film performance Mediator in Film describes the relationship between a movie, an actor, and a character. We use film performance to assert that Heath Ledger played the character of The Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

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This domain doesn't have any Mediators.

Martial Arts Certification /martial_arts/martial_arts_certification 5 56

This compound value type connects a martial artist with a martial arts body and a certification type, which can be a rank (such as a colored belt) or an instructor certification.

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