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Transit System /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/transit_system /metropolitan_transit/transit_system

The system of which this line is a part.

reverse, disambiguating
Mode Of Transit /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/service_type /metropolitan_transit/transit_service_type

A simple indicator of whether this is a bus, train, or ferry line.

Daily Riders /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/daily_riders /measurement_unit/dated_integer mediator

If ridership for a line is known, the most recent number and the date on which it was measured.

Vehicle Categories /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/vehicle_types /metropolitan_transit/transit_vehicle

More detailed information about electric or diesel buses (or both), light rail, heavy rail, diesel ferries, etc.

Alternate Of Primary Line /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/primary_line /metropolitan_transit/transit_line

The primary line of which this line is an alternate.

Includes Alternate Lines /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/alternate_lines /metropolitan_transit/transit_line

Other lines that follow nearly the same path, i.e., that will get a rider to much the same place. When there is a clear primacy, then the secondary line should be marked as an alternate of the primary, e.g., an express is an alternate of a local, or a late-night limited version is an alternate of the full-service daytime line. However, if lines are more or less peers, then it doesn’t matter which is marked as primary and which as alternate in Freebase. However, for any given set of lines, only one should be the primary, with multiple secondaries if needed.

Service Hours /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/service_hours /business/open_times mediator

The hours of service of the line, from first run to last run on each day.

Terminuses /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/terminuses /metropolitan_transit/transit_stop

The ends of the line. When a line has multiple end points with significantly different paths, two (or more) Transit Lines should be created. However, if a line sometimes has extended service beyond its normal terminus, that can be more easily represented with multiple terminuses; similarly, if a branch at the end of the line is short, multiple terminuses might be a better representation than alternate lines that are nearly identical.

Stops On Line /metropolitan_transit/transit_line/stops /metropolitan_transit/transit_stop

The stops along the line. If a line has different stops in different directions, just list them all; if the line follows significantly different paths in different directions, creating two alternate Transit Lines might be a better representation.

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Alternate Of Primary Line
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Mass Transportation System
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