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This type doesn't have any properties

Concert /music/concert_set_list/concert /music/concert reverse, unique, disambiguating
Artist /music/concert_set_list/artist /music/artist

The primary artist or artists that performed this piece.

Song /music/concert_set_list/song /music/composition

A list of compositions performed by this combination of performers during this concert. E.g. if a band played 10 songs themselves, and were joined by a guest artist for an eleventh song, you would enter the 10 songs here (each in a new input box), with just the band in the "artist" property. For the eleventh song, create a whole new instance, and enter the song, the band, and the guest artist.

Guest Artist /music/concert_set_list/guest_artist /music/artist

A musical artist, which can be an individual or a group, who performed with the main act on a small number of pieces in this concert. This should not include backing musicians of the main act(s). An example is an opera singer who performs a single aria in an otherwise instrumental-only classical concert

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