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Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Registering agency /organization/non_profit_registration/registering_agency /government/government_agency

The agency that has registered or certified the organization's status as a non-profit.

unique, disambiguating
Non-profit organization /organization/non_profit_registration/non_profit_organization /organization/non_profit_organization

The organization registered as a non-profit.

reverse, unique, disambiguating
Registered as /organization/non_profit_registration/registered_as /organization/non_profit_designation

The legal designation of the type of non-profit this organization is registered as. Examples include "501(c)(3)" in the U.S. and "Public Foundation" in Canada.

reverse, unique, disambiguating
Date registered /organization/non_profit_registration/date_registered /type/datetime never_assert

The date this organization was registered as a non-profit with this agency.

unique, disambiguating
Date of revocation /organization/non_profit_registration/date_of_revocation /type/datetime never_assert

The date that this agency revoked this non-profit designation from this organization. Note that an organization can still be registered as a non-profit by another agency, or can be re-registered with a different designation.

unique, disambiguating
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Incoming Properties

Originating Type Property
Nonprofit organization
Registered with
Non-profit designation
Organizations with this designation