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Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Date of death /people/deceased_person/date_of_death /type/datetime never_assert unique, disambiguating
Place of death /people/deceased_person/place_of_death /location/location unique
Cause of death /people/deceased_person/cause_of_death /people/cause_of_death master
Date of cremation /people/deceased_person/date_of_cremation /type/datetime never_assert unique
Place of cremation /people/deceased_person/place_of_cremation /location/location

The location where the body was cremated. To record where the ashes were interred, use the Place of Burial property.

Date of burial /people/deceased_person/date_of_burial /type/datetime never_assert unique
Place of burial /people/deceased_person/place_of_burial /people/place_of_interment

The place where the body or ashes were interred or are kept. Note that this should be the specific place of burial (e.g. Vladimir Lenin is "buried" in Lenin's Mausoleum, not the city of Moscow).

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Incoming Properties

Originating Type Property
Cause Of Death
People Who Died This Way
Place of interment
People interred here