By using Freebase and any data or information accessed in Freebase, you agree to be bound by our Google Terms of Service, Google's general Privacy Policy, as well as these additional terms and conditions:

  1. You must only provide content or code that is compatible with the following licenses:
    1. For all content categories made available on Freebase (Data, Schema, Descriptions, or Media Files); compatible with the Creative Commons Attribution Only (CC-BY) license, or in the case of Media Files only, compatible with one of the license terms specified in the upload interface of Freebase.  
    2. For code: compatible with the BSD License.
  2. By providing Data, Schema or Descriptions to Freebase, you are granting permission to Google and others to access and use them under the terms and conditions of the CC-BY license, including attributions requirements that may apply.
  3. When you provide Media Files to Freebase, you must specify the license terms which apply to such Media File. By doing so, you are representing and warranting that you have the rights to provide the Media File to Freebase and to grant permission to Google and others to access and use the Media Files under the license terms which you had specified, including attribution requirements that may apply.
  4. Whenever you use any form of content from Freebase, you must comply with attribution requirements associated with that content, including:
    1. Attribution to Freebase
    2. For Descriptions in Freebase that come from Wikipedia, in accordance with instructions made available on Wikipedia
  5. You agree to be in full compliance with applicable license terms and attribution requirements whenever you reuse any of the content on Freebase.