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Narrow gauge

A narrow gauge railway is a railway with a track gauge narrower than the 1,435...

Standard gauge

The standard gauge is a widely used railway track gauge. Approximately 60% of...

Broad gauge

Broad gauge railways use a track gauge greater than the standard gauge of 1,435...

4 ft 6 in gauge railway

The 4 ft 6 in track gauge was adopted by early 19th century railways mainly in...

5 ft 3 in gauge railways

Railways with track gauge of 5 ft 3 in are broad gauge railways, currently in...

Metre gauge railway

Metre gauge is the system of narrow gauge railways and tramways with a track...

3 ft 6 in gauge railways

Railways with a track gauge of 3 ft 6 in/​1,067 mm were first constructed as...

5 ft and 1520 mm gauge railways

Railways with a railway track gauge of 5 ft/​1,524 mm were first constructed in...

3 ft gauge railways

Three foot gauge railways have a track gauge of 3 ft. This gauge is a narrow...

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Minimum width /rail/rail_gauge/minimum_width /type/float never_assert mm unique
Maximum width /rail/rail_gauge/maximum_width /type/float never_assert mm unique
Railways /rail/rail_gauge/railways /rail/railway_gauge_relationship mediator reverse
Locomotive classes /rail/rail_gauge/locomotive_classes /rail/locomotive_class

Classes of locomotive that use this gauge.

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Railway-gauge relationship
Locomotive class