What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Match /soccer/football_goal/match /soccer/football_match

The match in which this goal was scored

master, unique, disambiguating
Scorer /soccer/football_goal/scorer /soccer/football_player

The player who scored the goal

master, unique, disambiguating
Point awarded to /soccer/football_goal/point_awarded_to /soccer/football_team

The team which was awarded the goal (own goals means that this can not always be implied from the team that the goal scorer plays for)

unique, disambiguating
Minute /soccer/football_goal/minute /type/int never_assert

The minute during the match in which the goal was scored

unique, disambiguating
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What are Included Types? Included Types

This type doesn't have any included types.

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Incoming Properties

Originating Type Property
Football Match
Goal Scorers
Football player
Goals scored