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  • Marathon Boy is a 2010 documentary film directed by Gemma Atwal. "When the little Indian Budhia Singh was only three years old, he had already run six half marathons. By four, he was making it the full 26 miles. In his own words, "One day I will run all the way to the Olympics." As you might suspect, he didn't come up with this all by himself. His adoptive father Biranchi Das, who self-funds an orphanage and a judo school, rescued him from the slums and goes to great lengths to generate attention for this special child. Budhia the wonder boy grows into a regional hero, and after he participates in the Limca Record Run (around 40 miles), he achieves nationwide stardom. Only the local child welfare office is less than enthusiastic, forbidding the young boy to participate in marathons - much to the dismay of the somewhat media-happy Biranchi and his protégé. A true political battle breaks out in the region, complete with talk show appearances, protests and street riots. Then, when Budhia's biological mother shows up to claim her son with help from the sinister slum mafia, things go from grim to grimmer." Quoting the description from the 2010 International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam site.
  • MARATHON BOY (Dec.) is the story of four-year-old Budhia Singh, who is plucked from the slums of India by coach Biranchi Das and trained to become India’s greatest runner. In the first six months of coaching, the youngster runs more than 24 half-marathons and by the next year, he has run 48 full marathons. With the world looking on and an international storm brewing, the Indian government decides to intervene, accusing the coach of cruelty and threatening to take his newly-adopted son into care. What starts as a rags-to-riches tale turns into a story of greed, envy and broken dreams. An official selection of the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, the documentary is directed by Gemma Atwal.

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