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Describe any person, place, or concept. This is the most common type in Freebase and is used to describe an is a relationship between topics (eg. San Francisco undefined city)

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This domain doesn't have any Types.

Mass Transportation System Operator /metropolitan_transit/transit_agency 1 336

A Transit Agency is an organizationan elected board, a corporation, a government entitywhich runs one or more Transit Systems. It will probably be worthwhile to co-type any particular agency as a corporation, government agency, etc., according to its structure.PropertyTransit Systems: expects Transit System. Links to the system or systems run by this agency.

Transit Line /metropolitan_transit/transit_line 9 4,221

A Transit Line is a transit service running along a single path. If multiple lines run along the same path—e.g., a local and an express service—they should be marked as alternates of each other. Similarly, if a line forks to multiple destinations (e.g., Boston’s Red Line), multiple Transit Lines should be created, marked as alternates of each other. Lines that share a significant distance along the same path, such as New York’s A-C-E subway lines, should be also marked as alternates.

Transit Service Type /metropolitan_transit/transit_service_type 2 96

A Transit Service Type is a general description of the kind of service offered by a particular transit line: bus, light rail, ferry, etc.

Transit Stop /metropolitan_transit/transit_stop 2 31,603

A Transit Stop is a station or streetside location where a transit line stops so that a mass transit vehicle (e.g. bus or commuter rail) can pick up and drop off passengers. This type also includes Location and its properties for identifying where the stop is. For more information, please see the Freebase wiki page on Transit Stop.

Mass Transportation System /metropolitan_transit/transit_system 7 1,303

A Mass Transportation System is a particular service or set of services providing public transportation. The difference between a single system with different kinds of service and different systems is largely a matter of how the system or systems are presented; for example, the San Francisco Municipal Railway uses the “Muni” branding on its light rail, buses, and cable cars, while the New York MTA has different brands for the Long Island Railroad, Metro North, and the New York City Subway and bus system.

Transit Vehicle Type /metropolitan_transit/transit_vehicle 1 32

Transit Vehicle TypeA Transit Vehicle Type is a specific sort of vehicle used for mass transit: an electric bus, a diesel bus, a light rail vehicle, a trolleybus, etc.It has no properties of its own.

Bridge /transportation/bridge 8 9,378

A bridge is a structure across water, valleys, railway cuts,areas of low elevation, or other features which are difficult to cross.In Freebase, we record the longest span of the bridge (distance between two supports touching the ground), the total length, the clearance below the bridge, the body of water spanned (if appropriate), and what type of bridge it is.

Bridge Type /transportation/bridge_type 1 76

Bridge type describes the structural form of a bridge. Examples arelog bridge, suspension bridge or truss bridge.

Highway system /transportation/highway_system 1 57

Highway systems are operated by governments to provide an integrated system of major roads within an area.

Road /transportation/road 9 24,120

A road is a route used for land transport and along which motor vehicles can be driven. The type includes both paved and unpaved roads. For more information, please see the Freebase wiki page on Road.

Road orientation /transportation/road_orientation 1 5

Road orientation describes, in broad terms, the direction in which a road runs.

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What are Mediators? Mediators

Type ID # of Properties # of Instances Description
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Describe the relationship between two or more Types. For example, the film performance Mediator in Film describes the relationship between a movie, an actor, and a character. We use film performance to assert that Heath Ledger played the character of The Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

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This domain doesn't have any Mediators.

Road junction /transportation/road_junction 3 23

A mediator for major junction of two roads with notable locations at or near the juncture.

Road End /transportation/road_starting_point 2 24,576

A road end is a location where a road terminates (or begins, depending on your point of view).

Transit System Length /transportation/transit_system_length 2 41

This is a compound-value type that holds information about the length of a transit system over time.

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