What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

Program creator /tv/tv_program/program_creator /tv/tv_program_creator

The person or persons credited with creating the program.

master, disambiguating
Air date of first episode /tv/tv_program/air_date_of_first_episode /type/datetime never_assert unique, disambiguating
Air date of final episode /tv/tv_program/air_date_of_final_episode /type/datetime never_assert unique, disambiguating
Number of seasons /tv/tv_program/number_of_seasons /type/int never_assert unique
Number of episodes /tv/tv_program/number_of_episodes /type/int never_assert unique
Original episode running time /tv/tv_program/episode_running_time /type/int never_assert min

The original running time of an episode, without commericals, in minutes.

Country of origin /tv/tv_program/country_of_origin /location/country disambiguating
Spin-offs /tv/tv_program/spin_offs /tv/tv_program master
Theme song /tv/tv_program/theme_song /tv/tv_theme_song

For shows that have had more than one theme song (or version of a theme song), you can enter more than one value here.

TV Producer /tv/tv_program/tv_producer /tv/tv_producer_term mediator reverse
Recurring writers /tv/tv_program/recurring_writers /tv/tv_program_writer_relationship mediator reverse
Genre /tv/tv_program/genre /tv/tv_genre

Genre is a fairly loose type, and includes both the type of program (newsmagazine, game show, sit-com, etc.) and something more akin to genres in other media (science fiction, mystery, etc.)

Original network /tv/tv_program/original_network /tv/tv_network_duration mediator

For shows that changed networks during their original run, create a separate entry for each.

Spun-off from /tv/tv_program/spun_off_from /tv/tv_program reverse
Regular acting performances /tv/tv_program/regular_cast /tv/regular_tv_appearance mediator

Actors (and the characters they played) who had starring roles on this show. For non-character roles (news anchor, talk show host, etc.) use "Regular personal appearances".

Regular personal appearances /tv/tv_program/regular_personal_appearances /tv/tv_regular_personal_appearance mediator

People who have had starring appearances in non-acting roles (e.g. hosts, announcers, newscasters, etc.)

Seasons /tv/tv_program/seasons /tv/tv_series_season

Typical format is something like "Show Name - Season X" or "Season X, Show Name"; please use a consistent format within a given program.

Episodes /tv/tv_program/episodes /tv/tv_series_episode

The names (if used) or numbers of the episodes of this series.

Multipart episodes /tv/tv_program/multipart_episodes /tv/multipart_tv_episode

Multipart episodes broadcast as part of this TV series. Individual parts of these episodes should be entered separately in the Episodes property.

Languages /tv/tv_program/languages /language/human_language

The language or languages that this was originally broadcast in.

Currently in production /tv/tv_program/currently_in_production /type/boolean never_assert

If this program is still being produced, select Yes. If it is no longer being produced, select No.

unique ID /tv/tv_program/thetvdb_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/thetvdb/series unique
TVRage Series ID /tv/tv_program/tvrage_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/tvrage/series_numeric unique
Hulu show ID /tv/tv_program/hulu_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /authority/hulu/show
TVGuide ID /tv/tv_program/tvguide_id /type/enumeration never_assert, /source/tvguide/show
Subjects /tv/tv_program/subjects /tv/tv_subject

The subject(s) that this program addresses. This should only be used for high-level subjects that apply generally to the series, not to subjects that apply to individual episodes. Examples might include: for the program "House", the subject "Medicine"; for "Doctor Who", the subject "time travel".

Soundtrack /tv/tv_program/soundtrack /tv/tv_soundtrack

Soundtrack for this TV program.

Filming locations /tv/tv_program/filming_locations /tv/tv_location

Locations where this TV program was filmed regularly (for specific episode and segment-only locations use the filming location properties on those TV types). Should not be used for occasional "on location" filming or establishing shots.

Recurring segments /tv/tv_program/recurring_segments /tv/sequence_of_tv_episode_segments

Sequences of episode segments that have appeared on this program. Examples include "Saturday Night Live's long-running "Weekend Update" sketch and David Letterman's "Top Ten List"

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What are Included Types? Included Types

This type doesn't have any included types.

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