What are Properties? Properties

Property ID Expected Type Description

This type doesn't have any properties

expected_type /type/property/expected_type /type/type

the expected type of the object referred to by this property

master, unique
master_property /type/property/master_property /type/property

the forward property that controls this property. All properties using the master property are mirrored by this property.

master, unique
unique /type/property/unique /type/boolean never_assert

if this is true, the property can point to only one object. By default, properties can point to multiple objects.

reverse_property /type/property/reverse_property /type/property

this lists the property that mirrors this property from the expected type. A property should not have both master_property and reverse_property.

reverse, unique
schema /type/property/schema /type/type

the link from a property to its underlying type. This forces a property to only belong to a single type.

master, unique
Unit /type/property/unit /type/unit unique
enumeration /type/property/enumeration /type/namespace master, unique
delegated /type/property/delegated /type/property unique
links /type/property/links /type/link reverse
requires_permission /type/property/requires_permission /type/boolean never_assert

if this is true, the property's write access is restricted to the permission of the property's schema

Authorities /type/property/authorities /type/permission unique
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